music = fun

Nice mention in The Stranger about us this week in regards to the Footlaos benefit we played last night. Never did Danger Zone sound so dark, slow and heavy. Also, saxophone. amazing work Mr. Nate Henry.

Spanish for 100, Curtains for You, Lesli Wood
I slept on Spanish for 100 for too long. The band has been around since at least 2003, but it wasn’t until their latest record, Jezebel, released about a year ago, that I finally started paying attention. Jezebel, which was produced by Martin Feveyear, is a must-hear for fans of indie pop with wicked guitar work. Opening track “Spider” is reminiscent of the Posies circa Amazing Disgrace. “Precious” is more, well, precious and also upbeat, with hand claps and a hook-filled chorus. They’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to pop rock, but they are putting on an impressive display of talent. The band makes it real easy for you to check ’em out, too—you can download all the songs for free at their website MEGAN SELING

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