New full color magazine documenting our tours

Ryan Schierling, the photographer that went on our last two tours, has published a full color, 56 page magazine documenting life on the road for us. Below is a description he sent with a link to browse it and buy if anyone is interested. We were really privileged to have such a professional photographer (and great guy) with us on the road.
On another note – Tonight we are playing The Tractor in Ballard, so if you feel like going out you know where we will be. We go on around 10 pm.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and hope all is well!



Twenty years ago, I made magazines.

Well, little magazines.

We just called them ‘zines. They were xeroxed – filled with photographs and writing about whatever it was we were doing back then, usually skateboarding and BMX and lamenting about girls – and often traded via mail with other like-minded teenagers in far-flung parts of the country. It was an incredible creative outlet and I met a lot of interesting people.

I’ve still got a stack of ‘zines from the late ’80s in the closet – with some notables being Stapled and Xeroxed Paper by Spike Jonze, Aggro Rag by Mike Daily, Marcel Marceau’s Speech Therapist by Nor-Cal Swami Scott Davidson and Disobedience by Alberto Kroeger.

But self-publishing a full-color, high-quality magazine hasn’t ever really been an option.

Until now.

Go Away Come Home is a 56-page visual retrospective of my 2007 and 2008 summer tours with Seattle band Spanish For 100. Five weeks of shooting. A month of editing. Two weeks of magazine layout. Two blind- drunk days of wondering whether or not this was a good idea.

After having lived on a hard drive and/or strips of black-and-white negatives for the last year, it’s good to finally have given these images a home.

Copies are available here.

There are additional projects/magazine issues underway, so send me an email if you’d like to be notified when they are available

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