Dateline, Minneapolis.

Finally, a day where the modern conveniences and technologies that we have grown so accustomed to, can finally be put to use. In case you were thinking of telecommuting from somewhere in far eastern Montana or anywhere in North Dakota, forget about it. While I can appreciate the stark beauty that presents itself at times, the connectivity leaves something to be desired. Walked around the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis this afternoon, checking out Twin Town guitars in the process. It was a fantastic afternoon weatherwise, and a good day to not be cooking in the dutch-oven-like confines of our bus (‘Horchata’ for those not in the know).

Been an interesting first couple of days, as it always is, getting out to the Midwest. It seems such a simple pedestrian task to point a vehicle east and press firmly down on the gas pedal, but the realities of travel in a 55mph converted Handicap transit bus make for an adventure, whether the destination is across town, or across the country. First, there is no “going unnoticed”. Simply impossible to not be noticed, unless the observer in question was both blind and deaf.
People really do openly stare, and in small towns, such as our experience last night in Jamestown N.D., people start asking questions. Usually innocent ones, but they inevitably lead to conversations. Touring isn’t for the painfully shy. Our first show in Missoula was good if sparsely attended (being a Sunday and all) and after a quick jaunt to Bozeman we played a raucous set for the folks at The Filling Station with fellow Seattle band Little Pieces. Herman from Little Pieces hails from Bozeman and there was a nice friendly crowd to take in the scene.

The rest of the drive has been…well a drive. Too many words escape me at this stage of sleep deprivation, but I will try and post a few pictures from our friend/Photographer and two time SPF100 tour veteran Ryan Schierling. Check out his blog posts as well at:

Off to load in and play at the Uptown! After that, a hastily consumed energy drink and then back in the drivers seat to put a few hours in toward Chicago.


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