Tracking at Jupiter

Today is Tuesday. They said it was going to snow last night and as I awoke occasionally with the wind my doubts mounted. Mostly though it is good to say that I miss the snow and how it used to make a new mood, a new chance.
We finished tracking the bass and drums yesterday at Jupiter studios. I guess you could say we are off to the races with our fourth record. This one is shaping up to be something very special. And there was something restful in me as the songs came and went and we picked our sounds and our way through the lists and notes packed into the margins. Maybe I am at ease. Maybe I know something….
I will try to keep you posted on how it goes from here as we track the guitars and vocals between the drafty, fir-clad walls of barns lost in fir forests, as we set microphones in the bowels of a wooden schooner as it hucks and dips in forty-foot seas with lighting wrecking the mast. I will try to tell you about shielding off vipers as we tune our guitars and in the swelter of an unknown South-Pacific island, and lay down harmonies in bitter, deathly chill of remote villages in the Himalayas. I will try to tell it as it is. I will try to bring you in. I will try to see the end.

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