the tractor..

what a night.

ol’ strokey the stratocaster blew apart last night, but it’ll be okay.

Elder Mason = EPIC, The Quit = Beautiful.

btw, we’ve started uploading video’s…check out Corners from earlier this year, Live on KEXP:

– Aaron

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We’re making some changes here to the website. time for a new look!

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On the road again…

If you haven’t noticed, we are going to be out on the road again starting next week for a quick trip to a few cities in the Midwest and Spokane. Hope to see you out there.

On another note, a friend pointed us to a “cafe racer” site that had a picture of a scooter on the front with our sticker on it. Just funny enough to pass along. Scroll down to the bottom of that page.

….just can’t wait to get on the road again.

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Live on @ high noon (PST)

if you’re near a computer or a radio…and you’re not eating lunch. then you you might like to tune in an hear us play songs off of our new record. it’ll be grand.

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yes…on a compact disc! it’s crazy. but it’s still kinda fun.

anyways…we’d like to welcome you to the High Dive on Friday, Oct. 23rd to hear us play our new record…it’s called Jezebel…it looks like this:

buy it!

SHIM will be rocking with us. good times.

join the fun on

see ya there…


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We’re rolling into L.A.

We’re rolling into L.A. on the 405 for an afternoon of sunning
ourselves and sitting in traffic. Or maybe just sitting in traffic.
Hopefully a dip in the Pacific followed by a raucous evening of Rock,
at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park. Hope to see you all there.
Ross and SPF100

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We head into the Hot Country.

Hello all.  We rolled into the always awesome Bay Area yesterday, to experience a beautiful afternoon in the Mission District, walking around checking out the Crazy that is that area, eating Frites at Frjtz; all that good stuff.  We then powered through a ripping set for our existing and new friends in SF.  Big thanks to everyone at Hotel Utah for a good time.  Today, we conquer Fresno, or at least, try to keep the heat from conquering us.  From here on in, it gets WARM. 

Enjoy the photos.  I’m no Ryan Schierling.  Speaking of which Ryan, We miss you.  A LOT. 


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wanna here a track off of the new record?

you can get it here: SPIDER

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Southbound and Down

So, we’re Southbound and Down, loaded up and Truckin’. Headed back through PDX again, and aiming towards San Francisco. They’re not gonna know what hit ’em. Horchata is purring away at a steady 62 Mph. Cause that’s how we roll.

Till later,

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New full color magazine documenting our tours

Ryan Schierling, the photographer that went on our last two tours, has published a full color, 56 page magazine documenting life on the road for us. Below is a description he sent with a link to browse it and buy if anyone is interested. We were really privileged to have such a professional photographer (and great guy) with us on the road.
On another note – Tonight we are playing The Tractor in Ballard, so if you feel like going out you know where we will be. We go on around 10 pm.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and hope all is well!



Twenty years ago, I made magazines.

Well, little magazines.

We just called them ‘zines. They were xeroxed – filled with photographs and writing about whatever it was we were doing back then, usually skateboarding and BMX and lamenting about girls – and often traded via mail with other like-minded teenagers in far-flung parts of the country. It was an incredible creative outlet and I met a lot of interesting people.

I’ve still got a stack of ‘zines from the late ’80s in the closet – with some notables being Stapled and Xeroxed Paper by Spike Jonze, Aggro Rag by Mike Daily, Marcel Marceau’s Speech Therapist by Nor-Cal Swami Scott Davidson and Disobedience by Alberto Kroeger.

But self-publishing a full-color, high-quality magazine hasn’t ever really been an option.

Until now.

Go Away Come Home is a 56-page visual retrospective of my 2007 and 2008 summer tours with Seattle band Spanish For 100. Five weeks of shooting. A month of editing. Two weeks of magazine layout. Two blind- drunk days of wondering whether or not this was a good idea.

After having lived on a hard drive and/or strips of black-and-white negatives for the last year, it’s good to finally have given these images a home.

Copies are available here.

There are additional projects/magazine issues underway, so send me an email if you’d like to be notified when they are available

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